I STARTED Early--Took my Dog--And visited the Sea--
The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me
--Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thing a Day - Day Twenty-Six...

I couldn't decide, so I went with a polar bear and a penguin.  I did a google image search for penguins.  Oh my word!  Baby penguins are just the cutest things!!  I've been thinking about the next three days.  Suggestions have been the jungle, the deep sea, and Australia (and I'm not forgetting the roly poly farmer request).  We'll see...


  1. OK, I was happy enough to just look, until I saw the penguin. TOO fab! The dark looks like an inverse of the light. Terribly terrific.

    1. Thanks! I must admit it didn't turn out how I wanted, but my daughter just loves him. I'm curious what Julee thinks....