I STARTED Early--Took my Dog--And visited the Sea--
The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me
--Emily Dickinson

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three-color Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern, part one

Now that we've done the basic snail's trail quilt in two colors, let's up the ante and try it with three.  The basics are the same, condition/mix your colors and from into square logs.  EXCEPT...make one each of your color and two each of white (or very light color).

Refer to the previous tutorial for cutting directions (I got lazy--sorry!).

Okay, ready for putting it together?  Here we go.  Start with putting the squares together in checkerboard fashion (make sure the white pieces are kitty-corner to each other.

I've managed to orient the instructions this time, so that the light orange color square is always on the top left.  Hopefully, this will make the instructions a bit easier to follow.  I'm going to refer to the colors pictured for the tutorial, so substitute the colors that you are using when putting it together.  Take the smallest light orange color triangle and put it on top (longest edge to the checkerboard). 

Sometimes, the triangle pieces don't quite fit.  If the difference isn't too great, it won't matter, but you can always stretch the triangle piece to fit or shrink the checkerboard a bit.  Okay, next...place one of the smallest white triangles on the right side (again, longest edge of triangle against the checkerboard).

Next step, place the smallest green triangle on the bottom.

And then the other smallest white triangle on the left side.

Ta-da!  Now for the next part.  Take the next smallest light orange triangle and place it on the upper right side of the cane.

One of the next to the smallest white triangles (have I lost you yet?) goes on the lower right side.

Then the next to the smallest green triangle goes on the lower left side.

Do you see the spiral beginning to happen?  Finally, take the other next to the smallest white triangle and put it on the upper left side.

Next few steps:  light orange triangle on the right side, white triangle on the bottom, green triangle on the left, then white triangle on the top.

Looks nice, yes?  Tune in for part two--reduction and recombining....

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