I STARTED Early--Took my Dog--And visited the Sea--
The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me
--Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bullseye Cane Bonanza, Part Four: Leaf Cane

If you're going to make flowers, well you're going to want to make leaves.  They're pretty easy to make, although there are a couple of tricky parts that are hard to explain.  Good thing I took pictures!

Roll a shortish, fatish log of green (or whatever color you want your leaves to be).  Wrap with a darker color green (or whatever color, etc. etc.)

Stand the cane on its end and slice into four pieces as shown (a shorter, fatter cane makes this step easier)

The goal of the next step is to put the veining in the leaf...you want a contrasting color between each of the pieces you cut.  The way I do it is to put three slices on the vein color and trim even with the cane pieces

Then reassemble the pieces

Here's the hard part to explain.  You want to cut the cane on the diagonal...hopefully this picture shows what I mean

Put the vein color on one of the cut sides and trim to fit

Flip one of the pieces so the veins on one piece go a different direction than the other.  Again, hopefully the pic shows what I mean.

Smooth the cane and reduce as desired.  Ta da!  A leaf cane!

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