I STARTED Early--Took my Dog--And visited the Sea--
The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me
--Emily Dickinson

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I meant to do that. No, really...

I love working with white and translucent clay.  Unfortunately, it can be a little touchy.  Observe:

 It's the same pattern (Oklahoma Twister...taken too far, of course *roll eyes*), but the first one was not what I intended.  I've been using my toaster oven and I put a batch of six ornaments in.  I tented them with foil (I've heard that can help inhibit discoloring), but evidently parts of my oven are much hotter than other parts.  Four of the six ornaments burnt, including this one.  So I backed the temp off a bit and moved the oven thermometer around to find the right temperature.  The second one turned out the way I wanted.

Now some people like the darker color...it's kind of antique-y looking.  I like it sometimes, too.  Look at this one:

I love the way it looks...kind of like a vintage handkerchief.  Usually, though, I prefer the white:

 It's a fiddly business, working with white and translucent.  Sometimes you can come up with some neat effects...other times, it's just burnt.

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