I STARTED Early--Took my Dog--And visited the Sea--
The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me
--Emily Dickinson

Saturday, April 26, 2014

...Getting it right!

After shading from light to dark in the orange and purple snail's trail cane, I thought...hmmm, what if I used a rainbow of colors:

I put the cool colors on one side and the warm colors on the other.  I made two different canes, green/blue/purple and yellow/orange/red and then red/orange/yellow and green/blue/purple.

Here's how it turned out; (I had enough cane left to make a third cane combining the two...it's on the bottom):

And after one more reduction:

I put the combo cane together a slightly different way:

And reduced it one more time:

I've gotta say...I totally love these rainbow color combinations.  I'm not sure I could pick a favorite....

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